About Us


" As a mom of two energetic boys and first-responder wife, my days are hectic and my 'schedule' changes every day.  In a previous life, I loved to shop and would spend hours searching stores for the perfect pieces.  These days I'm lucky to get a few hours to myself after I put the kids to bed.  Driving store to store is impossible and the thought of spending hours scrolling through pages of products just to fall in love with something completely out of my price range feels exhausting.  I wanted to create a boutique filled with luxurious home textiles that are accessible and affordable.  It's the look of the 'Barns' and the 'Barrels'//, just more affordable. Enjoy!"                                       

                                     - Kelly Akers, mom-prenour/ firefighter wife/ human being



Kelly lives in Abingdon, Maryland with her two boys Grayson (5) and Waylon (1).  Her husband Tim is a Baltimore City Fireman and an amazing cook.  Kelly graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising from the University of Delaware.  She has 13 years of experience primarily in retail, buying, and sales.  In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, visit her parents at the beach, work out at the gym, and listen to the best/worst of 90's hip-hop & rnb.  She doesn't believe in taking life too seriously and thinks a combination of coffee and wine cure most things.




This shop only exists because of my support system.  Thank you to my loving parents who gave me a life filled with opportunities.  My Dad for being my inspiration and example that The American Dream is real for those willing to work hard for it.  And my husband Tim, the love of my life, who always encourages me to follow my dreams and challenges me to reach higher.  Without hesitation, you've pushed me to take this risk and make this my full-time job, even though it's meant a lot more work for you.  Thanks for always being on my team.  I couldn't do this crazy life without you. xoxo