Paige Chenille Knit Pompom Blanket

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Paige Chenille Knit PomPom Throw Blanket

The Paige Chenille Knit PomPom Throw Blanket features an exquisite handcrafted herringbone knitted design finished with playful faux fur pom-pom ends.  Luxuriously soft chenille feels indulgent.  A close dupe to the Pottery Barn blanket, but at half the price. Two can comfortably snuggle under this oversized blanket.  Available in White, Pink, Cream, and Cloudy Blue Grey.  Use it functionally or as a gorgeous, modern decorative display.  This is the "Treat Yourself" Throw Blanket.  Anti-pilling for long-term use. 

Care: Hand-wash cold, hang to dry.

Size: 51" x 63"

As seen advertised by @sweethomevalley, @theruralegend, @theretiredhousewife, @rockymountainfarmgirl, @cottageonwynn, @my_favorite_people_eat_here,  and many more